As Harput Textile, who knows how important the qualified man power is, we have it principled to follow the changing technology and global trends, and place a great importance to R&D activities.

Our R&D department works hard on yarn and fabric analysis and continuously maintains new design studies. To be a part of the changing fashion and to catch new quality levels, we aim to create our own fund own knowledge.

As Harput Textile R&D department, we aim to have high qualities and maximum customer satisfaction with the R&D activities which we maintain together with Kinteks Woven and Dye Industry Joint Stock Company.

In the end of the process of restructuring our R&D activities, we already have nearly 2700 total designs 600 of which is at armored and 2100 at jacquard. Additionally, we add over 1000 new designs to our studies every year.

Our target is to fold these figures by maintaining our process of restructuring.